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Les McCann was one of the performers who ushered in the gospel-tinged jazz that was so popular in the sixties. He came by this affinity honestly. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, virtually all of his family was involved in church choir activities. McCann says, “I have been influenced by life itself and also by the music of the Baptist church.” But as LES McCANN AND HIS MAGIC BAND: LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS reveals, McCann’s work in later years has grown into newer and expanded dimensions. He is joined by what he bills as his “Magic Band.: This performance was taped during a tour and catches the band, as musicians put it, ”in the pocket.” They are simpatico and they are swinging! Watch Les throughout. This is not a road-weary journeyman running down the changes. It’s a guy who has been influenced by life and loves it.

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